• ARTfair Innsbruck
    Olympiaworld Austria
    October 25th to 27th, 2024

  • Galerie Irene Hamilton , Cannes, France
    Curated by Marina Volpi
    May 31st through June 6th 2024

  • Vessel of Life / Vaso di Vita

    Vessel of Life / Vaso di Vita

    Vessel of Life / Vaso di Vita
    Milan - Italy
    Solo exhibition Dena Haden
    Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

    Address: Via Giovanni Boccaccio 24, 20123 Milano
    APRIL 10th to APRIL 24th , 2024
    Opening reception Wednesday April 10th , 2024 6.00 – 8.30 pm

  • Tolomeo Gallery
    Milan Italy
    Group exhibition curated by Marina Volpi

    exhibition March 26 to March 30th, 2024
    Opening exhibition to March 26, 2024 at 5pm
    Via Andrea Maria Ampère, 27, 20131 Milano MI, Italy

  • Common Space – LAB
    2nd Open Call for Work in Space’ within the 8th International Interior Design Biennial Poland

    Common Space – LAB | 2nd edition of the Open Call for Spatial Work

    Exhibition Opens: April 10th 2024

    8th International Interior Design Biennial Accepted projects: spatial works, artistic installations, performance in space, performance, video installation. An interpretation of the Common Space theme or an original manifesto in the common space of the Małopolska Garden of Arts Gallery in Kraków.

    Curatorial College:

    Joanna Łapińska, PhD / curator

    Łukasz Sarnat, PhD, ASP Senior Lecturer / curator

    Tomasz Westrych, PhD

    Anna Dettloff, PhD

    Marta Kawiorska, MA

  • Women's Art Power - Diary of a Dreamer curated by Dores Sacquengna

    Women's Art Power - Diary of a Dreamer curated by Dores Sacquengna

    Longitudes, latitudes and women’s legacy

    curated by Dores Sacquegna

    From 24 February to 08 March 2024

    Opening day 24 February at 6:30pm

    Renaissance venue of the Palmieri Foundation, Lecce

    This year the working anniversary of Dores Sacquegna falls with 30 years of care and organization of events. The first project is dedicated to The Diary of a Dreamer, longitudes, latitudes and women’s legacy, with an international event full of surprises.

    The exhibition can also be read as a treatise on non-ideological thought; as a conflict between uniqueness and culture, as a drama of female consciousness in the world, as an attempt to interrupt the dream that a man has about a woman, as a description of the world, as writing without giving oneself the identity of a writer, as the possibility of relationships now dissolved, even if traumatized, by the delivery of silence.

  • Open Studios on the Sidewalks

    To celebrate DATMA’s 2023 theme of “Shelter” we are highlighting the important role of artists in shaping and creating their local community, the ultimate shelter for a city.
    For the past 4 years, DATMA has been working with artists from outside the region. To build on the second year of our theme, “Shelter” we are highlighting the important role artists play in shaping and creating their local community, the ultimate shelter for a city. New Bedford, and its surrounding towns, is home to countless creatives. This exhibition features a range of SouthCoast artists who have never considered their work to be “the right medium” for public art, presenting their work in outdoor spaces for the first time. We want to expand the possibilities of what audiences consider public art mediums and get artists energized about exhibiting artworks in the community and outside the typical “white-cube” gallery. Open Studios on the Sidewalk is about opening up doors to the different creative practices in the SouthCoast region. Through our artist directory below, we are showcasing the unique spaces where artists produce work within DATMA’s local creative economy.

    The outdoor portion of this exhibition is on view June 22 – October 23, 2023 in Tonnessen Park & Entrance of Seastreak Ferry building, downtown New Bedford.

  • The Art of Oika: Nantucket
    Presented by The Maria Mitchell Association
    Opening Reception:
    Thursday, June 15th at 5:30pm
    Exhibition Runs June 15th to July 14th
    This is an exhibition of four Oika Artists and an ecologist who have been listening and learning from the nature of Nantucket. Each artist brings their own context, experiences and sensitivities. We are inspired by our unique lived-experiences of Oika, but also guided by the deep, ecological principles of Oika as interpreted through the constraints of language.

    My exhibition works statement:
    Inside Gallery- Through the intentional act of collecting, growing and building organic materials, Haden creates moments in time to honor nature. Her exploration on Nantucket is represented within her works through remembrance, collecting and gathering, and processing weaving techniques passed down from generations that were used in functional craftsmanship specifically on Nantucket, MA. She has created two vessels that intersect Nantucket Basket Weaving with traditional fishing net construction. These pieces were built in a very slow meditative process allowing the works to unfold and embody the native plant materials in which the vessels are created from; telling the story of place, while embodying an open vessel to hold space, light, and moments of healing and what that expression might look like in a physical form.
    Haden’s outdoor installation explores the opportunity of "place" as presented to her with possibility. Earth Womb (Nantucket) is one of four large scale vessels in a series that embodies life and the land, weaving parts of the actual materials found on site to create a vessel that hangs and gently weaves back into the ground. These vessels activate the concept of ‘Genius Loci,’ evoking the spirit of a place that led this to come into form; to reconceive and gestate that which is before us and give back to mother earth with gratitude for that which she has given to us; in a constant state of renewal and appreciation.

  • Traces of Time, weaves, woven and other joints

    Traces of Time, weaves, woven and other joints

    Primo Piano LivinGallery

    present the exhibition of contemporary art


    curated by Dores Sacquegna

    from 20 May to 2 June 2023

    Opening day 20 May 19:30pm

    Palmieri Foundation, Vico dei Sotterranei, Lecce -Italy

    “Time is the substance of which I am made, It’s a river in flood that drags me along but I am the river, It is a tiger that devours me but I am the tiger, It is a Fire that consumes me but I am the Fire” (Borges)

    The show: This River, which we call Time, is ourselves. If we want to stop the River, we must “alchemically” strip ourselves of our barks to center ourselves on our inner rhythm. In the Greek philosophical thought, time is a single and homogeneous flow, in which all things subject to change are immersed. This flow is mostly circular and its symbol is the wheel or the ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail. Temporality can be configured as a fundamental dimension of existence. Through the dimension of temporality, man on the one hand recognizes and builds himself in his being and in his becoming, on the other he relates to the world of other subjects and to the physical world. Each of us fits into a time that already exists: a mythical time, a historical time and a cosmic or hierophanic time. These dimensions interact closely and continuously, and represent, for each other, a condition of possibility of experience and knowledge. Mythical time is cyclical time, where everything repeats itself, it can indicate the time in which the celebration of a ritual is located, with actions that lead to a mythical archetype that evolves by changing its appearance and becoming globalized in modern society. Historical time it is a period of time in which events have occurred that generate a change. Cosmic or hierophanic time can designate cosmic rhythms, reveal the absolute, the supernatural, the superhistorical, the eternal return and the intuition about the periodicity of Life and Death. Without interrupting the linear progress of time, man can spiritually return to his origins, when he discovers in the world and in himself the traces of the divine, that is, of the primitive source of being. The prophets of ancient times called this time The Apocalypse and destiny and darkness were always connected to it, but here we want to see it rather as a Revelation, the unveiling of what stands between us and our true divine Self.

    Venue: Renaissance venue of the Palmieri Foundation in Lecce, in the old city.

    Artists: Brigitte Amarger (Francia), Claudie Bastide (France), Nena Cirkovic (Austria), Ines Fulgina Malnar ( Slovenia) , Ronald Gonzales (US), Pnina Granirer (Canada), Dena Haden (US), Ping He (China), Hannie Kortland (The Netherlands), Lize Kruger (UK), Masha Luch ( Montenegro), Mo Maudegrasse (France), Pawel Opalinski (Poland), Marie Piselli (France), Marco Riha (Mexico), Margot Reding-Schroeder (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), Anthony Rotelli (US), Verena Schwarz (US), Teresa Vella (Italy).

    Live Performance “Perceptual Border” by Massimiliano Manieri & Madia Biondo (Italy)

    Acoustics Performance by M° Alberto Nick Bolettieri (Italy)

  • "With Whom We Walk This Earth"
    Solo Exhibition
    Esther Klein Gallery
    curated by Angela McQuillan

    3600 Market St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19104

    Opening Reception, September 17th, 2020
    Exhibition Dates: Sept 17th - December 28th 2020

    Virtual Gallery Hours:
    Thursdays 3:00 — 7:00 p.m.

    Physical Gallery Hours:
    Admission By Appointment, Free of Charge (to make an appointment, email ekg@sciencecenter.org)



    a group exhibition at Gallery 263
    curated by Mark Dion

    Exhibtion Dates May 20-June 19, 2021
    Gallery hours: Wed-Fri 4-7pm and Sat 1-4pm
    263 Pearl St. Cambridge, MA

  • "Recall, Recollect, Reconstruct"
    curated by Soude Dadra
    Kyoto International Community House, Kyoto Japan
    December ‘19 – January ‘20
    Opening Reception: December 20th

    Part of the Ongoing Conversations Curatorial project “to bring together disparate voices in the visual arts through an international purview in order to examine cross cultural similarities of the human condition.”


  • Nonquitt Art Show 2019
    Group Exhibition
    August 10th 10-4pm
    August 11th 12-4pm
    687 Smith Neck Rd.
    Dartmouth, MA

  • A's B4 Nonprofit Fundraising Gala and Art Auction
    New Bedford Art Museum

    Saturday, May 11, 6-10 pm at The New Bedford Art Museum. Wine, tapas & musicArt Auction featuring local artists: Olivier St. Pierre, Dena Haden, Fitz Lamarre and othersTicket and Auction proceeds to A's B4 youth mentoring programs

    New Bedford Art Museum
    608 Pleasant St, New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740

  • "Everything Happens So Much"
    Kelley Stelling Contemporary

    Opening Reception, August 9th, 5:30-8
    Exhibition Dates:8/9-9/15
    Gallery Hours:Wednesdays + Thursdays + Fridays 11am - 5pm and by appointment

    221 Hanover Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 03104

  • "Altarations" at the Dorchester Art Project

    Opening Reception, July 21st 6-9pm
    Closing Reception, August 26th 1-4pm
    Gallery Hours: 12-6pm Sat/Sun

    1486 Dorchester Ave, Boston, Massachusetts

  • Post-Earth
    Index Art Center, Newark, NJ
    Curated by Sophia Sobers
    Artists: Katrina Bello, Cybele Collins, Lauren Comito, Dominique Duroseau, Alexis Elton, Dena Haden, Duy Hoàng, Delanie Jenkins, and Steven Pestana
    January 2nd- February 2nd, 2018
    Opening Reception, January 6th 6-10pm

  • Catalyst: craft + social change
    Nave Gallery
    Show Dates: 11/18/17-12/30/17
    Opening Reception Sunday, 11/19/17 3-5pm
    135 Powder House Blvd. Somerville, MA

  • Closing Reception and Artist Picnic
    Art Ramble: 'Slow Eyes, Solace and Site'
    Outdoor Art Installation
    Hagpwood Wright Forest, Concord, MA
    October 1, 2017, 12-2pm

  • Art Ramble: 'Slow Eyes, Solace and Site'
    Outdoor Art Installation
    Hagpwood Wright Forest, Concord, MA
    May 30th- Sept. 30th, 2017
    Exhibition Opening Reception and Curatorial Walk: July 16th 4-7pm

  • Dedee Shattuck Gallery
    2017 Collections
    Opening Reception: May 27 5-7pm
    1 Partner's Lane, Westport, MA 02790

  • 'Wildness and Wonder'
    Curated by Jenn Houle
    April 10th- July 13th
    Concord Library- Fowler Branch
    1322 Main St. Concord, MA 01742

  • "A Tenuous Equilibrium"
    Automat Gallery
    Opening Reception: March 3rd, 2017
    Show Dates: March 3- April 24th
    319 N. 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA